Exciting News for Dexter Township Residents Regarding Proposed Master Plan!

The Dexter Township Planning Commission and Board of Trustees have released our proposed new master plan for public review and comment. The master plan is a policy guide designed to create a vision of what Dexter Township wants to look like in the future. The final master plan will guide our community in our decisions on land use development and preservation.

Dexter Township’s proposed master plan includes five cornerstones: preservation of our agricultural heritage; protection of our natural resources; management of our traffic; thoughtful planning for future development; and creating a sustainable community. The draft master plan was spearheaded by a citizen’s advisory committee, and included significant community engagement along with economic and demographic data analysis.

It is important for community members to make their voices heard in setting a vision for our future. The public review and comment period began on August 1 and continues through the end of September. The five cornerstones are described on pages 60-64.

Our master planning consultant, Beckett & Raeder, will be hosting a feedback session during Dexter Township’s community movie night on August 19 from 6-7:30 at Dexter Township Town Hall. Come give feedback on the plan, and stay for Super Mario Brothers!

The community can learn about the plan and provide feedback at our September Planning Commission meeting on September 26 at 6 pm at the Town Hall. Residents can email feedback any time to Supervisor Karen Sikkenga (supervisor@dextertownship.org), Planning Commission Chair Marty Straub (mstraub@dextertownship.org), or the lead planning consultant Rowan Brady (rbrady@bria2.com).

The Board of Trustees appreciates the thoughtful work of the citizen volunteers, planning commissioners, and consultants who created this visionary draft plan.

Click here to view the full Master Plan PDF.