Dexter Township

Planning Commission
Marty Straub – Chair
Term expires December 31, 2024
Tom Lewis- Secretary
Term expires December 31, 2022*
Maris Metz – Ex-officio (Township Board)

Term not to exceed November 20, 2024

Robert Nester – Vice Chair
Term expires December 31, 2024*

Chandra Hurd
Term expires December 31, 2022

Christina Maier
Term expires December 31, 2023


Janis Miller- Recording Secretary

The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Township’s Zoning Ordinance and Anti-blight Ordinance.  Staff review and approve permits and act as liaison for the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Capital Improvement Committee, and other groups.

*The Planning Commission is supposed to make its decisions based on the information presented and available at the public hearing to all members of the Planning Commission and the public.

Communicating with Planning Commission members outside of a public meeting concerning any petition is “ex-parte contact,” which should be avoided.

Members of the public wishing to communicate with the Planning Commission should attend a public meeting, send email to the Director of Planning and Zoning, or send a letter to the Township Hall.


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