Election Inspector Application & Information

Election Workers – Information

An Officer of Election is part of a team that conducts elections at a polling place on Election Day.
Your job is to conduct the election fairly and lawfully, and to assist voters in a courteous and
respectful manner.

Acceptance testing of voting systems is perhaps the most important function that local election
officials conduct in order to ensure the security and accuracy of their elections. It concludes with
information about testing and validating of the ballots before use in an election.

A general election worker fills a variety of roles within the precinct on Election Day, including but
not limited to: assuring applications to vote are accurately completed, verifying the voter’s
identity, issuing correct ballots, recording voter number and ballot number, tearing off the
perforated ballot number tab.

Election workers are the Most Valuable players of our democracy, ensuring free and fair elections
for all. Serving as an election worker is a paid position and all election workers are trained on
proper protocols.

Thank you for your interest in serving your community

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