Dexter Township Welcomes New Trustee

The Dexter Township Board of Trustees welcomes Jeff McDole as the new member of the Board of Trustees.  Trustee McDole fills the opening created by the resignation of Jim Drolett in August.  Mr. McDole was one of five well-qualified candidates who participated in a public interview process in September.  The Board of Trustees is grateful to all five applicants, each of whom would have enriched our board.  Trustee McDole’s appointment continues until the mid-term election in November 2022.

Trustee McDole is a 20-year resident of Dexter Township and has had a long career enhancing public safety though information technology, first the U of M’s Department of Public Safety and most recently for the City of Ann Arbor Police Department. As a survivor of the Dexter tornado, he has an interest in helping Dexter Township with disaster preparedness.  As a applicant for the role of Trustee, Mr. McDole expressed his commitment to demonstrative that government, particularly local government, can enhance communities and improve people’s daily lives.

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