On Saturday, October 30, 2021 Dexter Township had a community clean up / recycle event in the township hall parking lot.

We collected:

– over 11,700 pounds of electronic waste   (computers/TVs/misc.)
– 2/3rds of a large bin of scrap metal
– 29 large bins of documents were shredded on site
– 3/4rd of a trailer was filled with Styrofoam
– and a ton of old tires collected
– not to mention the $1,055 in donations  (put forth to off set the cost of the event)

We must give a huge thank you to Washtenaw County for co-sponsoring and their EGLE grant to dispose of the tires.  Their assistance proved to be an immense help.

Finally, THANK YOU to the 24 volunteers and all the residents for participating and making this event a success.  We were able to move over 215 cars through the parking lot without backing up traffic, all while having a enjoyable 3 hours recycling.

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