Dexter Township


Sample Ballots

Michelle Stamboulellis
(734) 426-3767 ext. 110 – Office
(734) 426-3833 – Fax

Your Dexter Township Clerk is responsible for voter registration and conducting all local, State and Federal elections as well as serves as the Freedom of Information Act Coordinator.


Additional responsibilities include:

  • Maintain custody of all township records
  • Record and maintain Board of Trustees minutes
  • Keep the voter registration files
  • Record and maintain Board of Trustees minutes
  • Keep the township book of oaths and ordinance book
  • Overseeing the preparation of financial statements

"Voting is the Expression of our Commitment to Ourselves, One Another, This Country, and This World."

– Sharon Salzberg

Elections 2024

The 2024 Election Schedule for Dexter Township is as follows:

  • Presidential Primary Election – February 27, 2024
  • Primary Election – August 6, 2024
  • General Election – November 5, 2024

9 Day Early Voting

Any Michigan Voter may choose to participate in 9-Day Early Voting

Proposal 2 gives voters the flexibility to cast their vote 9-days early in all elections and for additional days and hours beyond what the constitution required.

All Michigan voters now have the right to vote early in every statewide and federal election. In those elections, early voting must be offered for at least nine consecutive days, beginning on the second Saturday before the election and ending on the Sunday before the election, for at least eight hours a day.

The Dexter Township 9- Day Early Voting will be held at Sylvan Township. Please call me at Dexter Township for directions or voting hours.

Voting In Person / Absentee Voter Ballot

Any Michigan Voter may choose to vote using an absent voter ballot

If there’s a chance you will want to vote absentee in any future election, you might want to join the Permanent Absent Voters List. Voters on the Permanent list receive an Absent Voter Ballot Application before each election automatically. Once you sign and return the Application, you will be mailed a ballot as soon as they are available.

Voting for blind, disabled, or those who cannot read or write.

You have the right to vote independently using an accessible voting machine. If you would like to use an accessible voting machine, tell an election official when you arrive to vote.

You have the right to assistance from the election officials. You can ask the election officials for instructions on how to use the voting equipment or assistance at any time, even after you’ve entered the voting booth.

If you are blind, disabled, or unable to read or write, you have the right to assistance from anyone you choose. However, the person cannot be:

  • Your employer
  • An agent of your employer
  • An officer or agent of your labor union

Election officials must consider accessibility inside the polling place. You should find:

  • Adequate lighting and seating
  • At least 1 voting station that can accommodate a person who is seated
  • Access to a Voter Assist Terminal

Register to Vote

If your address changes, you must update your voter registration 

Register to vote online or register in person at the Clerk’s Office, located inside the Dexter Township Hall 6880 Dexter Pinckney Road, during regular business hours: Monday through Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Friday by appointment only.

  • Bring a photo id (driver’s license or state-issued id) 
  • If your driver’s license doesn’t include your most recent address, bring a piece of mail such as a utility bill or bank statement to establish your residency in this jurisdiction.

To check your voter registration information, please contact the Clerk’s Office, or check the Michigan Voter Information Center at

Election Inspectors

Dexter Township is always seeking Election Workers. This year we will have three elections – Presidential Primary, Primary and General. We are seeking dependable, hard-working people with a positive personality to assist with elections at our local polling places.

An election worker fills a variety of roles within the precinct on Election Day, including but not limited to: assuring applications to vote are accurately completed, verifying the voter’s identity, issuing correct ballots, recording voter number and ballot number, and tearing off the perforated ballot number tab.

Election workers are the Most Valuable players of our democracy, ensuring free and fair elections for all. Serving as an election worker is a paid position and all election workers are trained on proper protocols.

Thank you for your interest in serving your community.

If interested in becoming an Election Inspector click here

Required Weekend Before Election Hours

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Dexter Township Hall Office will be open Saturday from 8:30am – 4:30pm prior to Election Day to assist Dexter Township Voters will all voting needs.

Military and Overseas Voters

The Military and Overseas Voters Empowerment Act (MOVE) was signed into law in 2009,  affording certain US citizens the right to request an “electronic” absent voter ballot, to be emailed or faxed to the voter. This Act applies to: 

  • all active, uniformed service members
  • their spouses and dependents and 
  • Merchant Marines, stationed inside or outside the United States, and
  • civilians residing or temporarily located overseas

The voter must submit an FPCA (Federal Post Card Application) to the Clerk in the jurisdiction of their permanent residence, requesting ballots for the calendar year, January 1 – December 31. The form must be filled out in its entirety and is in effect for that calendar year only. This application must be updated annually.

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