When the current administration came into office, we were notified we had 77 homes in Dexter Township without internet service.  We quickly became involved with the Washtenaw County Broadband Task Force, whose goal was to have Washtenaw County become the first county in Michigan with 100% coverage by 2024.  Through multiple efforts, Dexter Township was able to identify 300 homes in our township without internet service and report those addresses to the task force.  The task force members were strategically positioned to lobby the county when federal funds were made through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and encouraged them to focus on the overall goal of 100%.  Thankfully, our local county commissioner and others were steadfast and persuaded the county to allot $14.6 Million dollars of their ARPA award toward accomplishing this goal.

The county hired a project manager and bids were submitted to multiple companies for the build out process of each township.  Two companies were awarded differing parts of Dexter Township: Spectrum and Mercury.  They have been working through the bid/permit process prior to starting work. We are pleased to report Spectrum has begun the build out in the northern portion of the township awarded to them.

You can view all addresses awarded to Charter/Spectrum, by parcel, using the county’s interactive map Washtenaw Gap Project Public View 2023 ( – We are working with the county on updates and this map will be refreshed regularly.

However, to determine if a specific address is in or near the build area, please visit  If service is available, you will be directed to their live site for ordering your service.  Spectrum expects to complete the build out by 12/24 or sooner.  Regretfully, we cannot notify each individual resident when work is complete, so please utilize this website to verify your address to determine if/when service is available at your address.

Additional updates will come forth through these emails, our newsletter, and website.  We regret Mercury has not begun work as of yet, but project early 2024 at our last contact and project it takes 3-4 months to complete once they begin.   This has been a long, frustrating process and while we are not through the process yet, advancements are being made.  We will certainly provide updates as additional information is made available.

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