Broadband Update from Washtenaw County

It took longer to get this project started than anyone anticipated this year, but it is now underway.  To help all residents follow the progress, we have created an interactive map that can be searched for your address, or just navigate to it.  Click on your parcel and it will provide information about who the internet service provider will be, an estimated completion date, and a link to the providers website.  Many of the schedules are still be worked on and updated, so please don’t be alarmed if you see a date that is a few years away.  All of the target dates will be updated as we get closer to your areas.  Keep in mind, there are about 8,000 homes we are working on reaching, which is going to take more than 1,000 miles of fiber optic cabling.  The map will be updated as new areas are activated. 

Washtenaw Broadband Gap Filling Project (

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 In addition to these links, you can also access the map through the Washtenaw County MapWashtenaw project at MapWashtenaw | Washtenaw County, MI.  Go to the layers tab and click on the “Broadband Gap Project”.  Both of these map links will be updated in real time as the project progresses.

A couple of notes though, I cannot provide information on what the rates will be, you will need to contact the providers directly (links are available in the pop-ups on the maps).  Also, there are five providers that will be building these networks, and three funding programs.  Two of the programs, RDOF and CMIC are managed directly between either the federal or state governments and the respective service providers, but we will be tracking them on the maps.  The third program is ARPA, which we are managing, and has been funded through a unanimous approval from your County Board of Commissioners.  Please keep in mind though, that much of the ARPA plans are for filling the gaps that were missed by the other two and may be dependent on those parts of the systems to be completed first (which is why we are tracking all of the programs as a single project).  Your patience is greatly appreciated, and as always, please feel free to reach out to me directly if you can’t find your answers through these other channels.


 Chris Scharrer RCDD/NTS/OSP – CTS-D

Project Manager – Gap Filling Project