Attn: Dexter Township Residents Without Access to Broadband

Are you a household in Dexter Township without access to broadband? If so, we need you to take action now! Recently, Washtenaw County approved the funding of $14.6M dollars from their ARPA funds to help accomplish their goal of 100% broadband coverage within the County. This allows for two sources of funding for broadband within Dexter Township: the RDOF (Rural Digital Opportunity Fund) Federal grant and Washtenaw County Broadband ARPA funds, also referred to as “gap funding”. At this time it is very important that we identify all households without broadband and make sure your unserved address is included on either the RDOF or gap funding list.

How can I find out if my address is part of the RDOF award you ask? Click on ( or copy and paste to your browser – enter your address in the search bar. If your address shows in the green section of the map, congratulations you are included in the RDOF funding. No additional action is required.

If NOT, we need to make sure your address is included in the County wide gap funding. Please email your name and address to and we will match against the master list for gap funding. If your address not does appear on that list, it will be shared with the BBTF. This must be completed soon, the window of time is quickly closing, so act today! Thank you and please help spread the word