Clean-Up Day Success-full

CLEAN UP DAY May 14, 2022 THANK YOU’s To all the volunteers: thank you for your strength, humor and sense of community to help us pull off these events. Without you they just would not be possible and not nearly as fun. THANK YOU To Jim’s Scrap Metal team you are the nicest bunch of guys! We appreciate all your assistance thru the day and we sure hope we see you in October To Deputy Smith THANK YOU thank you for lending your support, keeping the peace, assisting moving the traffic and being a really nice, helpful person To Kim Jordon so appreciated THANK YOU thanks for coming in and manning of office and help with bandages, copies, pizza’s and everything else. THANK YOU To the person who we thought brougt in the most foul sofa and cush ions. As we spoke, you said you dragged it out of Stinchfield Woods where people are just dumping, in a effort to help clean up the woods. We appreciate your attention & effort to community and know that you inspired conversations and ideas that we hope to put into motion next year. THANK YOU! Overall a great morning met great residents and had fun! See you in October 2022

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