2024 Seal Coat Program in Dexter Township

In June, the Washtenaw County Road Commission (WCRC) will begin its 2024 Seal Coat program on paved roads.  This County-wide Seal Coat program is funded through the current 4-year County-wide Roads and Non-Motorized Millage and the Michigan Transportation Fund.

WCRC’s annual seal coat program is a strategy to protect paved roads from the wear and tear of vehicles, sun damage, and Michigan’s freeze/thaw cycles.  The WCRC plans to apply seal coat to Dexter-Pinckney Road between Island Lake and the county line, with Chip Seal expected on June 17, and Fog Seal expected July 1 (please see attached announcement for additional information).

Seal coat roads are safe to drive on, but WCRC advises that motorists follow the posted advisory speed – 35 mph – to avoid vehicle damage from both the liquid asphalt and any loose stones.

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