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Dexter Township Master Plan

In accordance with the Michigan Planning Enabling Act - P.A. 133 of 2008, as amended, the Dexter Township Master Plan was adopted by the Planning Commission at its meeting on August 23, 2011. Please click on the links below to view the final draft of the proposed Master Plan.

            Adopted Master Plan Introduction and Pages 1 through 49
            Adopted Master Plan Pages 50 through 94 and Approval Resolution

The Plan serves many functions. First, as a general statement of the Township’s goals, it provides a single, comprehensive view of what the Township desires for the future.

Secondly, the plan aids in day-to-day decision-making. The goals, objectives, and strategies outlined in the plan guide the Planning Commission and Township Board in their deliberations on zoning, subdivision, capital improvements, and other issues related to Township growth. The plan provides a stable, long-term basis for decision-making and an agenda for the achievement of goals and objectives.

Thirdly, the plan provides the statutory basis upon which zoning decisions are based. The Michigan Zoning Enabling Act (P. A. 110 of 2006, as amended) requires that the zoning ordinance be based upon a plan designed to promote the public health, safety, and general welfare.

Finally, the plan functions as an educational tool. Background studies and analysis form the basis for various plan elements (along with the goals and objectives). In addition, the plan provides a statistical view of the economic, demographic, cultural, and natural make-up of the Township. This analysis, coupled with a statement of development goals, objectives, and strategies gives citizens, landowners, prospective developers, and adjacent communities a clear indication of the Township’s vision of the future.